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Submission is super-easy, takes just 2 minutes.


Just write a tentative title with 2-3 sentence elevator pitch or short intro to your project and click submit”


The benefit of submission:

1. Awards of appreciation for top 5 winners.

2. ALL participants get free resources and referrals to useful tools and resources for HRI tech, startups and investor info.

3. Potential publications in peer reviewed special issue of Journal Frontier of Robotics and AI.

The participant with proof of economic needs will receive financial aids from our potential IEEE HAC funding source. Please email your information to 

Oct. 14 and Oct. 17
Le Meridien, Windsor Place, New Delhi, India

Submission deadline extension: Oct. 7


How can you use robotic approach and HRI design to help local challenges in India and Asia, in cost-effective and user- friendly way? How can a world-class international conference such as RO-MAN extend its impact by engaging local researchers to bridge global resource to address local challenges that are faced by emerging economies?

This workshop starts from 2018 as an initiative aiming to use entrepreneurship mindset to rethink how we can create and develop HRI technologies in a more systematical and impactful way, such that the developed technologies will have immediate impact and practical applications to solve daily imperative demanding social problems. This year, we will bring this HRI-entrepreneurship spirit to India and Asia.

In the context of South and Southeast Asia, frugal innovation play a key role in rapidly solving varieties of societal problems. Particularly, India is well known for its furgal innovation and many such innovation can be a lesson to much developed economies in scaling their problem solving. We believe that engaging innovators from both grassroot entrepreneurial level and from academia, this workshop will be of immense value.

Through creating informative lectures/keynote speeches and ideathon competitions, we will help local research communities, student groups, early stage startups to build up better solutions. We hope this workshop can provide a multi- disciplinary forum where HRI researchers, artists, designers and entrepreneurs can jointly work together, exchange ideas, and come up with strategies to take laboratory research ideas into feasible commercializable products in a shorter pathway. We especially welcome the female participants to share their point of views in terms of discovering local challenges and creative HRI solutions. We are also targeting at bridging an ecosystem of from user-centred process of inventing HRI solutions starting from understanding local real-world problem, and fill the gap of road to market, link between research and industry.

In addition, this will be the first workshop of this kind to engage local robotic and HRI students, who might have better experience/understanding of the local HRI problems but don’t have the opportunity to participate this kind of international conference till much later in their study.


A publication on the insight learned from the workshop and the outcome of the ideathon will be submitted to the post conference publication/proceeding.

Bring academic and industry together, robotics is new, HRI is only emerging!

Zero to One:

Find the Pathway to Invent the Future

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Lafifa Jamal
Professor at University of Dhaka
Chairperson of the Department of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

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Haipeng Mi
Associate Professor
Department of Information Art and Design
Director, X-Studio of the Academy of Arts Design 
Future Lab
Tsinghua University

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Mohammad Shidujaman
Ryad Chellali
Professor at Nanjing Forest University
CEO of KITA Technologies
Chief Scientist for the Nanjing Stanford University Robotics Institute 

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" CTO's Social Responsibility Lecture: A Holistic Approach to Build Human-Centered Technology Centering around the Nature that Harmonizes and Scales "

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Prakash Thakur
CEO & Co-Founder
EXGwear Inc.
Senior Program Manager
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

“Product-Market Fit using lean startup and business model innovation approach- from ideas to sustainable social impacts in emerging economies”

Opening Remarks
Keynote Speech: Ryad Chellali
Lafifa Jamal
"Effective customer discovery: A roadmap from tech innovation to product commercialization How to do customer discovery" (TBD)
Coffee Break
Ker-Jiun Wang
"CTO's Social Responsibility Lecture: A Holistic Approach to Build Human-Centered Technology Centering around the Nature that Harmonizes and Scales"
Haipeng Mi
"Using creativity and co-design methods to engage and discover unique local challenges" (TBD)
Prakash Thakur
“Product-Market Fit using lean startup and business model innovation approach- from ideas to sustainable social impacts in emerging economies”
Mohammad Shidujaman
"Co-innovation of HRI tech by engaging rural community" (TBD)
Lunch Break
Speaker 6 (Fireside Chat/Penal Discussion)
Presentation Pitch Competition (A representative from GreyOrange robotics company will provide encouraging remarks on their success story)
Coffee Break
Award ceremony and closing remarks

Aim and Scope:


The workshop of Using HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) Technologies to solve the current social challenges in India and Asia Countries provides an all-in-one forum to discuss and address the critical issues of how to transform the HRI-related lab research developments into commercializable products. Particularly, we provide series of lectures from ideations, customer discoveries and HRI product development, to the business/financial modeling and raising capitals specifically for the HRI commercial products. This year, we plan to have innovation ideathon event where students, research labs, startups, companies, venture capitals and industry sectors can have a perfect networking venue to seek collaboration opportunities to solve the India and Asia local social challenges. The purpose of this workshop is aiming at fulfilling the unmet need to merge the scientific findings in Human-Robot Interaction research communities and the end-users, focus on the design & engineering journey of taking physical products to market. Particularly, We care about “social innovation,” that is, solving social and environmental issues through enterprise. We believe a focus on users and customers ensures sustainable and scalable solutions. We hope through holding this workshop, pure lab researches can have smooth transitions into practical applications, and therefore have immediate impact to the human societies in the foreseeable future.

Submission Details:


We welcome teams to submit your project if you have a startup idea, a prototype or any stage (pre-seed, seed, post-seed) startup in Human-Robot Interaction, HCI, sensors, IoT, AR/VR/MR, wearables or AI sectors to solve the social challenges. We will select around 10 projects to have showcase pitch presentations (~8 min + 4 min Q&A) to the penal judge committees. The participant will have perfect opportunities to showcase their innovation and receive valuable feedback and suggestions to further advance their ideas into a more feasible consumer-ready product. All the selected pitch projects as well as the rest of the submissions will have dedicated poster sessions to do live demonstrations or network with interested people, potential collaborators, and/or potential investors.


We invite participants to submit extended abstracts (max 2 pages) related to the workshop's topics of interest. In the extended abstract, please describe the detailed (1) Project Name, (2) Problem, (3) Solution, (4) Market, (5) Competitive Landscape, (6) Business Model and (7) Team. And also a short video clip to describe your solution. The review will be made by the organizers and the invited speakers of the workshop.


The accepted projects will also be invited to submit articles in the post workshop proceedings to share their developmental experience of HRI-product transformation, to foster knowledge dissemination to the peer HRI communities.

Topics of Interest:


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

and Sanitation
and Nutrition
and Community

Submission Site Open: July 20, 2019
Early-bird Registration: TBA, 2019

Submission Deadline:Oct 7, 2019 (anywhere on Earth) (Extended)

Author Notification: Oct 10, 2019
Workshop Date: Oct 14 and Oct. 17, 2019


The top-3 Best Social Innovation HRI Project Award will be selected by penal judges and committees. And the Most Popular HRI Project will be selected from the votes of all the workshop attendees and audiences.


We are glad to inform that we are currently in contact with the journal of Frontiers in Robotics and AI to create a Research Topic as a special issue publication linked to our workshop submissions. All the presenting projects will be invited to publish more refined work as research, position and business executive strategy papers to be included in the journal of Frontiers in Robotics and AI. We will announce more details soon!

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Organizing Committee

Ker-Jiun Wang 

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Department of Bioengineering

University of Pittsburgh

Mohammad Shidujaman

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Dept. of Information Art and Design Academy of Arts & Design

Tsinghua University

Caroline Yan Zheng

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Information Experience Design & Fashion

Royal College of Art

Prakash Thakur

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Senior Program Manager, UPCI

CEO & Co-Founder, EXGwear Inc.