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(Project 2) ARTEMIS Robot

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Artificially intelligent Real-time Training by Environment, Mapping, Immersion, and Sounds (ARTEMIS) Robot

ARTEMIS Robot learn just like humans do and slowly become more intelligent every day. It has stereo vision and hearing capabilities and powered by machine learning it is able to identify faces, objects and sounds. It then uses logic and probability to deduce the environment it is in: home, street or school, and is then able to make some appropriate conversations. It looks forward to having those logical deductions confirmed/reinforced by humans. If that does not happen or if its logic does not matches its observation, then it asks a question. This constant-human robot interaction helps ARTEMIS improve its learning and develop multi-capabilities. As the Robot learns based on its interaction with humans, it also means that each ARTEMIS is unique and will have different logical and conversation capabilities.

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